Patty Loveless: Honky Tonk Angel - The MCA Years (2CD)

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Rok vydání2015
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CD 1:
01. Lonely Days, Lonely Nights
02. Blue Is Not A Word
03. Wicked Ways
04. Sounds of Loneliness
05. Half Over You
06. Slow Healing Heart
07. I Did
08. You Are Everything
09. After All
10. You Saved Me
11. Fly Away
12. If My Heart Had Windows
13. I Already Miss You (Like You're Already Gone)
14. A Little Bit In Love
15. I Can’t Get You Off My Mind
16. Blue Side Of Town
17. I’ll Never Grow Tired of You
18. Don’t Toss Us Away
19. Timber, I’m Falling
20. Go On
21. The Lonely Side of Love
22. Looking in the Eyes of Love
23. I’m On your Side
24. On Down the Line
25. Feelings Of Love

CD 2:
01. The Night’s Too Long
02. Overtime
03. I’m Not That Kind Of Girl
04. Some Morning Soon
05. Blue Memories
06. You Can’t Run Away From Your Heart
07. Hurt Me Bad (In A Real Good Way)
08. God Will
09. Jealous Bone
10. I Came Straight To You
11. Can’t Stop Myself From Loving You
12. If You Don’t Want Me
13. Some Blue Moons Ago
14. Working Man's Hands
15. Waitin' for the Phone to Ring
16. Baby's Gone Blues
17. Little on the Lonely Side
18. Once in a Lifetime
19. I Won't Gamble with Your Love
20. If You Think
21. I've Got to Stop Loving You (And Start Living Again)
22. So Good To be In Love
23. Chains
24. Nobody Loves You Like I Do
25. If It’s The Last thing I Do – 1991
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