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CD 1:
01. Mammas don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys0
02. Working Man's Prayer
03. You’re the best break this old heart ever had
04. My First Taste Of Texas
05. The Last Cowboy Song
06. Ever, never Lovin You
07. Loves Found You And Me
08. The Littlest Cowboy Rides Again
09. The Outlaw And The Stranger
10. No Regrets
11. Evil Angel
12. I'll Be There To Catch You
13. She Never Could Dance
14. If It was Easy
15. It Just Makes Me Want You More
16. I Think I'm In Love
17. In Mexico
18. Theme From Bret Maverick
19. You’re Not Leavin Here Tonight
20. Cup Of Conversation
21. Thing Called Love

CD 2:
01. Diane
03. Tell Em I’ve Gone Crazy
04. If I Just Knew What To Say
05. I Take The Chance
06. Somebody's Crying
07. I Still Wish The Very Best For You
08. You've Got Her Eyes
09. Memories Can't Stand To Be Alone
10. For Old Time’s Sake
11. Streets Of Laredo
12. The Devil Inside
13. Easy Temptations
14. Someone who Would care
15. Girls, Women and Ladies
16. (When you Fall in Love) Everything’s A Waltz
17. After All
18. It Would Take A Fool
20. Just Along for The Ride
21. Babe In Arms

CD 3:
01. When Wide Open Spaces Are Cowboys Are Gone
02. For loves own sake
03. July, You’re A Woman
04. Blue Umbrella
05. It's All In Your Mind
06. The Songwriter (I Write It Down)
07. Birds Of Paradise
08. Thirty-Nine And Holding
09. Straight Shooter
10. The Migrant
11. Love Ain't Something I Can Do Alone
12. It's The Lovers (Who Give Love A Bad Name)
13. Your Jukebox Could Use A Few More Sad Songs
14. Hundred Dollar Lady
15. Sleep All Mornin
16. The Last Thing She Said
17. If She Just Helps Me Get Over You
18. Lucky Arms
19. Mose Rankin
20. Red Doggin' Again
21. Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To be Cowboys

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