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01. Introduction
02. Salty Dog Blues
03. Will You Be Lonesome Too
04. Earl s Breakdown
05. Long Journey Home
06. I'll Go Stepping Too
07. I m Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open
08. I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow
09. Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arm
10. All I Want Is You
11. Let The Church Roll On
12. My Mother Prays So Loud In Her Sleep
13. Big Black Train
14. Band Introductions
15. Black Eyed Suzy
16. Hamway
17. What's Good For You (Should Be Alright For Me)
18. Branded Wherever I Go
19. You Can Feel It In Your Soul
20. Reunion In Heaven
21. Flint Hill Special
22. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
23. Spanish Two Step/Steel Guitar Blues
24. Martha White Theme Song
25. White House Blues
26. Foggy Mountain Breakdown
27. Yonder Stands Little Maggie
28. I Don't Care Anymore

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