Různí: America! - Country Vol.1 (2CD)

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Kód produktu3149024233920
VydavatelLe Chant Du Monde
Rok vydání2014
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CD 1
01. The Preacher and the bear_Riley Puckett
02. In the pines_Doc Walsh
03. Stacklaee_Frank Hutchinson
04. The Fate of Talmadge Osborne_Ernest V. Stoneman
05. Sugar baby (Red Rocking Chair)_Dock Boggs
06. Train on the island_J.P. Nestor
07. High Sheriff_Aiken County String Band
08. Willie Moore_Burnett & Rutherford
09. The Butcher's boy (The Railroad boy)
10. Higher up the monkey climbs_Fiddlin' Bob Larkin & His Music Makers
11. Dry bones_Bascom Lamar Lunsford
12. The Wild wagoner_Jilson Setters
13. Ham beats all meat_Dr. Humphrey Bate and His Possum Hunters
14. My wife died Friday night_Crook Brothers String Band
15. Peg & Awl_The Carolina Tar Hells
16. The Old lady & the devil_Bill & Belle Reed
17. Old shoes & leggins_Uncle Eck Dunford
18. Any old time_Jimmie Rodgers
19. Old Flannigan_Blue Ridge Mountaineers
20. Western Kentucky limited_E.E. Hack String Band
21. He rambled_Charlie Poole & North Carolina Ramblers
22. Wake up Jacob_Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers
23. Tom Dooley_Grayson & Whitter
24. The Farm relief song_Vernon Dalhart
25. Brilliancy Medley_Eck Robertson & Family
26. Don't let the blues let you down_Wade Ward & The Buck Mountain Band

CD 2
01. Down on Penny's farm_The Bently Boys
02. Cripple Creek_Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers
03. Drunkard's special_Coley Jones
04. I'll meet her when the sun goes down_The Pickard Family
05. I went to see my sweetheart_Lewis McDaniel & Walter Smith_
06. Chicken don't roost too high_The Georgia Pot Lickers
07. Poor man, rich man_David McCarn
08. A pretty gal's love_Hendley, Whitter & Small
09. Lowe Bonnie_Darby & Tarlton
10. Little more sugar in the coffee_Fiddlin' John Carson and His Virginia Reelers
11. Croquet habits_Freeny's Barn Dance Band
12. Ain't gonna do it no more_Three 'Baccer Tags
13. Chased old Satan through the door_Woodie Brothers
14. A lazy farmer boy_Carter & Young
15. Alabama blues_Three Stripped Gears
16. Nancy Jane_Fort Worth Doughboys
17. Come on down_Jolly Two
18. Sadie Ray_Ashley and Foster
19. Ruffles & bustles_Walker's Corbin Ramblers
20. The East Virginia blues_The Carter Family
21. That nasty swing_Cliff Carlisle
22. Short life and it's trouble_Wade Mainer & Zeke Morris
23. All in down and out blues_Uncle Dave Macon
24. The Old hen_W.H. Stepp_
25. Down with the old canoe_The Dixon Brother
26. Poor Naomi Wise_A'nt Idy Harper & The Coon Creek Girls
27. Ida Red - Arthur Smith & Don Reno
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